Autumn Leaves

As November “Leaves” Us …

Without a doubt, the most beautiful time of year in our sweet little Placerville, November lights up every corner with color.  As the frost date is upon us, you’re going to want to hasten to get your bare-root trees in the ground!

If you want incredibly vivid color you’ll want to get some Liquid Amber/Sweet Gum trees planted. These lend so much color to a wintering landscape with their transitioning hues, you will not be disappointed!

Planting Zones USDA zones 5 through 8 (or 9)
Tree Type Ornamental, deciduous tree
Planting side Full sun to partial shade
Propagation Mode Seeds, grafting, and tree saplings
Ideal Soil Moist, well-drained, fertile soil
Preferred Soil pH Both acidic and alkaline soil
Humidity Range Medium humidity
Irrigation Moderate (depends on the season)
Flower shade Yellow, green (Chartreuse)
Blooming Period Mid spring
Growth Rate Slow in the initial stages

You’ll remember the “gumball” pods from these beauties, green and hard at first, turning brown as they mature. Liquid Ambers look a lot like Maple trees but have more leathery, thick & glossy star-shaped leaves.

Speaking of leaves… this article will guide you through WHAT TO DO with ALL THOSE LEAVES – https://www.hgtv.com/outdoors/landscaping-and-hardscaping/lawns/fall-and-winter-lawn-care-tips.  Let these leafy wonders bring you joy every Autumn for years to come!

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