Garden hoops protect plants from the cold.

Mid November Garden Buzz

Metal arched gate at the Meadow garden center in Placerville
 7510 Green Valley Rd. Placerville CA, 95667

No, those aren’t graves in my garden. This is still a very “lively” time in the garden. But, it IS time for putting plants to bed for another El Dorado County winter and time for planning out next season’s garden.

Depending on what you are planting and where you plan to plant it, your starts and your existing plants need some help getting used to winter. I use garden hoops (shown) to buffer the temperature for my starts because I want those babies to THRIVE. It’s like tucking the little kids into bed, right? Show them some love. The colder your winter, the thicker the layer of mulch you should apply.

The Meadow* (my favorite garden center) in Placerville has some excellent 6 packs & fruit sleeve starts for planting right now: figs, berries, olives, blueberries, grapes, and more. Take advantage of Katie’s expertise and get growing!

Oh, and remember to take cuttings from your Summer herb garden! Tarragon, oregano, marjoram, or basil, will not last through the winter, so take cuttings and dry them out to use in delicious dishes through the winter.  Also, grab a pencil and your notebook and map out your garden now, so you can dream about Spring planting, a dreary day pasttime. (sigh)

Flyer for "Makers Market at the Meadow" in December 2022
 You Are Invited! 7510 Green Valley Rd. Placerville CA, 95667
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