Variety of evergreen trees at a nursery

A Living Tree

Variety of evergreen trees at a nursery

Living Christmas trees are a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday season. Unlike fresh-cut trees, living Christmas trees come potted with their roots still attached.

If kept outside in containers throughout the year, living Christmas trees can be reused indoors for the holidays year after year. Living Christmas trees can also be planted into your landscape after the holiday season is over, where they’ll grow and provide lasting structure and habitat for wildlife.

Not only are living Christmas trees sustainable in the short term, but the range of varieties available make them a special addition to your holiday décor while providing long-term benefits to your landscape. They do require some special care, but living Christmas trees are well worth the effort.

Living Christmas trees allow you to get creative and embrace natural forms, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a picture-perfect holiday aesthetic. Whether you choose to feature a rich green, conical tree, or explore more unique colors and textures, but also a range of sizes and styles to choose from this holiday season.

If you plan to plant your living Christmas tree in the landscape after the holidays, keep in mind its mature size, as some varieties can grow to be quite large. Be sure to keep it watered, as the household heat can dry it fast, and even once outside, in its container until Spring.

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